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John Thomson

Facilities and Operations Manager

Code Hostels

Why Energy Monitoring is a Game-Changer?


One major advantage is having full visualizations of all our sites. In the past, utilities have been a significant expense without much control. But now, being able to make tweaks is a complete game changer.


What do you like most about the service?


The reports are fantastic. We love receiving alerts and reports directly in our email. It provides real-time feedback rather than just relying on meter readings. And with submeters, we can make changes before any issues arise.


The monthly calls are also a highlight. They're crucial for sharing knowledge and determining what tweaks we should make. Our Property Bear has an incredible knack for interpreting the data and using their expertise to maximize the potential of our sensors and data. The breakdown of our bill and savings is a valuable new addition. Previously, we had to trust contractors, but now we can request specific energy improvements based on our recommendations.


In summary, being able to benchmark our portfolio is essential. The soaring costs of utilities make it crucial to get new employees up to speed quickly on implementing energy-saving measures. Additionally, our clients and the emerging generation Z are focused on achieving net zero. It's fantastic to show them that we're doing our part.

Stephanie Marsh

Finance Director

The Hush Collection (Hush, Cabana, Hache)

Why do you like Energy monitoring?


At our company, we've always been interested in energy monitoring. We've tried other consultants, but they could only provide us with total energy consumption numbers. Useless, right?


But with our new Submeter system, there's nowhere to hide. We can immediately see if our site teams haven't taken action on something we've asked them to do.


So, what's the best part of our energy

monitoring service?


First, the Alerts. They're simply brilliant. We get notified if anything is left on at night, giving us peace of mind.


Second, the reports. They're incredibly useful. We need to report to the board every week, and these reports keep us informed right away. They also let us monitor everyone's energy usage.


Last, the technical support calls. The expertise and quick tips we receive, like checking tap seals for hot water leaks, have been a great help.

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