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Simplify Energy Management with Automated Software

Start by automating your data, then easily share it with your team. Our Building Management experience ensures simple, actionable reports. 


Unlock Collaboration - No User Limits


The more users, the merrier! Involve key departments to make a real impact in your organization.  

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Introducing the Building Hierarchy

Our system replicates your building and organization, creating locations based on your existing energy meters. Import historic energy consumption with ease. 


Powerful Insights at Your Fingertips

Our Summary Page provides valuable insights. See the top 10 energy consumers and identify savings opportunities. Visualise trends and monitor the impact of energy-saving actions.


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Track Total Gas and Electricity Consumption 


Get a quick overview of your total consumption over the past 7 days. Use weekly totals as targets for your site teams.

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Prioritise and Focus with Tasks


Streamline your tasks by seeing in priority, in progress tasks. Stay organized and know where to focus your attention.

Stay Informed with Weekly Email Updates


Get the summary page emailed to you every Monday. Keep energy tasks as part of your normal routine.

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Review and Analyse Consumption Hourly


The Consumption page allows you to review energy use and identify unusual behaviour. Visualise trends and quickly spot changes.

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Monitor Daily Consumption


Ensure stability and identify good and bad days with the Daily view. 

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Analyse Consumption Monthly  


Quickly review your progress, compare with the previous year, and identify seasonal trends. See the bigger picture.

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Filter and Compare with KPI's


Filter KPI's by departments, categories, or asset types. Compare performance and make informed decisions.  


Track Targets and Costs Annually


Keep an eye on your targets and see how each month compares to the trend.


Get Insights on Costs and Meter Readings


Preview monthly costs and compare with your invoice. Easily reconcile meter readings.



Experience Easy and Fun Energy Management


Designed for busy professionals, our software makes energy management a breeze. Simplify your workload and enjoy the process.

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