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Energy Reports: Customised Insights for Your Business

No two businesses are alike, and we understand that. That's why we create custom monthly reports tailored to your specific needs and priorities. 

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Our Monthly Reports: A Valuable Tool for Senior Management


Senior managers love our monthly reports because they provide a comprehensive overview of progress and highlight areas that require more resources.


We provide specific comments and suggestions on each page, helping your team interpret the results and plan the next steps. 

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Tracking Energy Use: The Key to Efficiency

Heating and cooling are major energy consumers in any building. That's why we track total energy use (gas plus electricity) in relation to outside temperatures. By plotting a trend line, we can see how each month performs.


For example, our data shows that March used less energy than expected, while September exceeded normal levels.


We aim to create a sloping graph with each month's data close to the trend line. If you make changes to your heating or cooling systems, such as replacing a gas boiler with an air source heat pump, you'll be able to see the impact on the graph.

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Drill Down into Sensor Performance

Once we review the monthly totals, we dive deeper into the performance of each sensor. Whether it's a meter, switch board, distribution board, circuit, or appliance, our analysis reveals insights into energy usage patterns.


For example, we identify what's consuming the most energy during night and weekends, when the building is closed. Taking steps to ensure things are turned off or turned down during these times is the first step towards reducing energy demand.


We also compare current consumption to previous months or the same month in the previous year to track consumption trends over time.

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Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Our reports go beyond simple energy usage data. We provide you with various other KPIs to track your consumption and progress.


These include comparing budgets to actual expenses, analysing reviews in relation to consumption, and assessing consumption costs in relation to revenue generated.


This comprehensive approach allows you to gain valuable perspective on your energy consumption. For example, even if your consumption increases due to factors like more guests, more rooms, or more buildings, your consumption per unit may still be decreasing thanks to your commitment to energy savings.

Ready to gain valuable insights into your energy usage?


Contact us today to learn more about our customised energy reports.

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