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Make Restaurant Management Easier 

Creating a Greener, More Efficient Future for the Restaurant Industry with Our Property Bear

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Working in the restaurant industry isn't just about whipping up delicious dishes and satisfying hungry customers. We know the nitty-gritty struggles that come with the job, and we're here to spill the beans.


From the high turnover of staff to the difficulty of tracking inventory, it's a juggling act to keep things running smoothly. And don't even get us started on managing chefs (they can be quite the handful).


Busy shifts leave equipment on by accident, and old, poorly maintained equipment can increase electrical use and costs. And don't even get us started on inconsistent handovers between managers.


It's tough to keep up with it all, especially when each restaurant has its own unique challenges. But we're determined to stay on top of things and be alerted when issues arise.


So, the next time you're dining out, remember the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the behind-the-scenes of your meal. They are doing their best to make it a memorable experience for you..

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Helping You Take the Bite Out of Kitchen Costs!


Salamander grills, walk-in freezers, heating, and cooling devices - all equipment that consume a high level of energy and lead to skyrocketing energy bills. As if that wasn't enough, lack of competition in the energy supplier market has led to less competitive rates for restaurant businesses. No wonder companies are paying over 75p/kWh instead of the usual 15p/kWh.


Add to that the challenge of having a diverse mix of inherited outdated equipment, plus an ever-revolving door of staff leading to a loss of expertise, and you're practically swimming against the tides.


Upgrading and maintaining equipment is essential, but how do you know you're spending money in the right areas? And let's not forget the lack of accessible data that could help you make informed decisions.


It's tricky when you don't have an in-house energy monitoring expert, and outsourcing it is not always an option. Besides, with so much on your plate, you may end up pushing back energy-saving practices until "tomorrow."


But guess what, energy costs aren't going anywhere, and neither is the pressure to help the environment. So let's make a start - or rather, let's make it easy for you to start - with actionable solutions that can make a massive difference while saving your business from a financial drain.


Unleash the Power of Energy Saving Monitors and Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level!

Running a successful restaurant requires more than just great food and friendly service. You also need to maximize your profits by taking steps toward energy efficiency.


However, you may not know where to begin when it comes to making changes that will save both time and money.


That’s why leveraging the power of energy saving monitors could be the key for helping restaurants turn their long-term dreams into reality without excessive costs or effort. Here are some important insights about how these valuable tools can make an instant impact on success!


Let's face it, we all want to save energy and money, but who has the time to figure out where to start? Luckily, we've got you covered.


  1. No more guesswork. We'll help you save energy without the need for a magic crystal ball.

  2. Spot the energy monsters. We'll show you where you're wasting energy so you can put your efforts where they matter most.

  3. Track your progress. You'll be able to see exactly how much energy you're saving, making it easier to stay motivated.

  4. No more confusion. You'll be able to let your staff know exactly where they should focus their energy-saving efforts.


Get Ahead of the Pack with Our Property Bear – Data-Driven Solutions for a More Sustainable Future.

At this point, you might be feeling overwhelmed - who has time to analyse and share all this data?


That's where Our Property Bear comes in.


Our software makes it easy to understand and share your energy data with everyone on your team, and even automates the process for you.


Without data, you're just another person with an opinion. But with easy-to-use, actionable, and shared data, you'll be making a real difference for both the planet and your bottom line. Why not try it out and become part of the solution?


Tired of asking your team to take monthly readings that lead to no actual changes in your finances? You're not alone - plenty of companies are struggling with the same issue. The problem is, there's no clear sense of what's considered "good" versus "bad." Maybe you're comparing your progress month-to-month, and while January through August look great because you're under budget each month, September to December look terrible because you're over every time. Or maybe you're trying to figure out how to benchmark your restaurant, only to realize you're way off the mark.


It's a frustrating snarl, but we understand - and we can help.

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Cut Your Energy Costs with Our Property Bear: Smarter Efficiency for Delicious Savings!

Picture this: you've upgraded all your equipment to the most eco-friendly options, trained your staff on energy-saving methods, and improved insulation in your building. But without data showing how much you're saving, how can you truly feel proud of your efforts?


Don't worry - our energy-saving hardware and software not only pays for itself in less than a year, but also helps calculate the return on investment for future upgrades. With a few site evaluations, you'll have the building blocks for designing a new restaurant with minimal energy waste.


Our system helps you adjust during quieter periods, figure out ideal sizes for hot water tanks, heating and cooling needs, and which refrigerators to use. All while making it easy for your staff to turn things off at night and keeping customers comfortable.


With energy savings and ROI in hand, you'll have more time to do what you do best: serving delicious food and making unforgettable memories. Say goodbye to throwing good money after bad, and hello to smart, efficient energy use.

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Get The Right Data to Make Real Change with Our Property Bear!

Are you making changes to your energy consumption but unsure if they're working? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Here's how to effectively track and analyse your energy usage:


First things first, don't drown in data. You need just the right amount to draw meaningful conclusions. Ideally, monthly data spanning several years will give you the insight you need to benchmark your energy usage and set goals for improvement.


But how do you compare apples to oranges? Every building has its unique blend of energy sources, whether it's gas, electric, or both. That's why we create simple benchmarks, like total energy per square meter per year, that allow you to compare your performance to other properties in your industry.


And what about those frigid months when your heating bill skyrockets? By plotting your monthly energy usage against outside temperatures, we can help you see how your energy consumption compares to your overall annual profile and take action accordingly.


Of course, data is useless unless it's shared. Our Property Bear makes it easy to share and analyze your energy data in real-time with your team, keeping everyone informed and accountable.


Don't just take our word for it. Clear, actionable data is the key to reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. So stop talking and start measuring – for the planet and your pocket.

Data Cloud

A Bear-y Good Solution for Energy Monitoring!

Energy monitoring is a must-have for everyone, but it's a game-changer for businesses with multiple sites, various businesses under one roof, or complicated buildings.


It's hard to keep things straight when you're juggling lots of high-consumption equipment, separate teams, and different priorities.


With energy monitoring, you can easily benchmark your usage and find best practices to keep costs low. Plus, you'll get a bird's eye view of who's doing well and what needs improvement, so finance, operations, and maintenance staff can all work together better. And if you have multiple departments, well, energy monitoring is just the thing to keep everything running smoothly.


Are your energy-saving efforts actually working? Simply taking meter readings and switching to LED lights isn't enough. You need to analyze your data, but not too much-- just the right amount. Monthly data is the bare minimum, and it's even better if you have years of historical data to benchmark against. This will help you see how this month's consumption compares with the same month last year, which is a more reliable gauge than comparing to unrelated months.


But crunching numbers is just the first step. You also need to make the data easy to understand and take action on. After all, what good is data if it doesn't help you save energy? And it's not just about you - your team needs to be able to access and use the data as well.

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Delivering top-notch solutions for our valued customers!


Here's what we've got cooking for you:

  • An energy management system that's so swift and simple, you'll be able to manage your usage with literally zero stress.

  • We cut through the jargon and identify the most pressing priorities for you, so you can enjoy less noise and more clarity.

  • Our automated alerts keep you in the loop and updated on any changes as they happen. You won't miss a beat.

  • Rest assured that our monthly powwows with your senior team will guarantee that you're always on track and progressing seamlessly.

  • We take engagement seriously. Our efficient system ensures that every department is responsible and on board for achieving solid energy savings.

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Looking for a simple, fast, and effective way to

manage your energy usage?


Look no further! Our focus is on creating the best solution for our customers.


Say goodbye to hassle and hello to hassle-free energy management with our solution.


We've got a solution that'll make your energy monitoring a breeze. With submeters, our app records data in real-time, so you can check it anytime, anywhere. Plus, our user-friendly webapp makes it easy to view your energy performance over the past 7 days (or further back, if you're feeling nostalgic).


We get it, senior management is busy. That's why we create customized reports that highlight the data that matters most to each of our clients. You can even compare your property's energy consumption to others in your portfolio and identify quick wins for improvement.


Department heads, rejoice! Our centralized monitoring means you've got actionable data on each site without all the guesswork. Plus, our weekly and monthly reports sent straight to your inbox will save you time and money.


But wait, there's more! We know energy waste can happen without warning, so our alert emails notify you of any unusual spikes in consumption, especially at night when you're not generating revenue.


Sound familiar? We've got you covered. Say goodbye to energy headaches and hello to easy, efficient monitoring.

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Looking to solve your energy woes and prepare

your business for the future?


Great news - that's exactly why Our Property Bear exists!


Our mission is to help restaurants cut down on energy use for the benefit of everyone: owners, guests, and the planet.


But we're not just talk - we've set ourselves a big challenge and there's no room for excuses. If your energy use doesn't decrease, it'll be crystal clear.


If you're someone who wants to make a positive impact on both your wallet and the world, then we'd love to work with you. We'll start by having a chat about your priorities and giving you an outline of costs. If it all makes sense, we'll get right to it and schedule a site visit to figure out exactly how to improve your building's "vitals."


Say goodbye to energy troubles and hello to a brighter future with Our Property Bear.

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