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How to Reduce Your Hotel Energy Usage

Say goodbye to energy-saving guesswork! We'll help you find where your energy is going so you can save Time, Energy and Money!

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Energy rates can make or break your profit margins! 


With fewer Gas and Electricity suppliers quoting for hotels and hostels these days, competition is down and rates are up - to the tune of over 100p/kWh! Yikes. Plus, let's not forget about all those HVAC systems, pool heaters and other energy hogs running 24/7. It's enough to make your head spin.


And if that wasn't enough to worry about, there's also the issue of outdated equipment, high turnover rates, and the ever-present question - am I even spending money on the right things?

Without accessible data to track your improvements, it's tough to know for sure. Plus, energy monitoring expertise doesn't exactly grow on trees. We get it - you've got a lot of plates to balance. But when it comes to saving money and helping the planet, we can't keep putting it off until "tomorrow."


So here's the deal: high energy costs and environmental pressures aren't going away. We all need to do our part to make a difference. But where to begin? That's where we come in. Our team of experts knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to cutting energy waste and boosting your bottom line.


Trust us - your wallet (and the planet) will thank you.

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Are you tired of dealing with pesky guests who can never seem to get their room temperature just right?


Don't let their complaints cost you a fortune in energy bills! Instead, use your insider knowledge of the building to strategically move guests to more comfortable rooms or naturally ventilate overheated areas.


And don't even get us started on the struggle of high staff turnover and the knowledge vacuum it creates. Don't let costly habits fill that void - make sustainability part of your team's daily routine. With visible energy consumption data, you can identify where changes need to be made and which departments need to step up their game.


We all know that little habits can add up to big energy bills, especially when multiplied by 365 days. Keep your team on track with before and after results and make sure your equipment is up to date and properly maintained. Because let's face it, a busy shift can lead to accidentally leaving equipment on and excessive electrical use.


But even with the best intentions and efforts, inconsistent handovers between managers can cause critical information to get lost in the shuffle. Stay on top of potential problems and take proactive steps towards a more sustainable future for your hotel or hostel.

Staff Meeting

With a bunch of departments doing their own thing, you need specific KPI's (key performance indicators) for each one. Only then can you see if your team's efforts are making any real impact. Wouldn't it be great to know where every energy penny is spent and who is responsible for it?

Everyone on your team should be accountable for their energy usage. Sorry not sorry. Otherwise, you'll be left in the dark when it comes to significantly reducing your energy use.

Let your managers, housekeepers, maintenance, and front-of-house staff know exactly where their focus should be. This will help them do their jobs better and make your life easier.

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Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a monthly readings rut?


You know the drill: your maintenance team presents data to your finance team, but nothing seems to change. You're not alone - this is where many companies hit a roadblock.

The problem is, it's hard to know what's Good and what's Bad without clear benchmarks. Maybe you compare month to month and feel great about being under budget from January to August, only to plunge into despair from September to December when you realize you've gone over. Or maybe you've tried to figure out how to benchmark your hotel, only to discover you're way off the mark. It's frustrating, we know!


That's where submeters come in - they allow you to compare apples to apples and break free from your monthly rut. Give it a try and see just how sweet those apples can be!

Data on a Touch Pad

Here's How to Actually See ROI on Your Energy Upgrades


Imagine you went all out with energy-efficient upgrades, from solar panels to underfloor heating. But without black-and-white data on how much you're saving, would you really feel satisfied? Would you boast to your friends about it or justify the cost to stakeholders? Probably not.


That's why our energy-saving hardware and software not only pays for itself in less than a year, but also lets you calculate ROI for future upgrades. With data from your sites, you can design smarter hotels - adjusting AC, hot water tanks, heating and cooling, and even adding renewables for maximum impact while keeping guests comfortable all year-round.


Say goodbye to wasted money and hello to more peaceful nights. Start actually seeing results with our ROI technology.

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Are you making changes to your energy consumption but unsure if they're working?


Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's how to effectively track and analyse your energy usage:


First things first, don't drown in data. You need just the right amount to draw meaningful conclusions. Ideally, monthly data spanning several years will give you the insight you need to benchmark your energy usage and set goals for improvement.


But how do you compare apples to oranges? Every building has its unique blend of energy sources, whether it's gas, electric, or both. That's why we create simple benchmarks, like total energy per square meter per year, that allow you to compare your performance to other properties in your industry.


And what about those frigid months when your heating bill skyrockets? By plotting your monthly energy usage against outside temperatures, we can help you see how your energy consumption compares to your overall annual profile and take action accordingly.


Of course, data is useless unless it's shared. Our Property Bear makes it easy to share and analyze your energy data in real-time with your team, keeping everyone informed and accountable.


Don't just take our word for it. Clear, actionable data is the key to reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. So stop talking and start measuring – for the planet and your pocket.

Business Planning

We've got the solution you've been looking for!


With our submeter system, you can easily check your energy usage data anytime and anywhere right from your phone. Our webapp is fast, user-friendly, and lets you view your performance history for the last 7 days or more.

We get it, energy management can be a pain. That's why we offer customised reports to show you what really matters. You can analyze each property's performance and compare them against each other to find areas for improvement and quick wins.

Our monitoring system gives each department head clear and actionable data for each site, saving time and money. Plus, our weekly and monthly reports delivered straight to your inbox are a game-changer.

But what about unexpected changes in energy usage? Don't worry, our alert emails notify you of unusually high consumption and changes in energy patterns.


Don't wait 6 days to spot a problem, catch it before it becomes one!

Happy Hour

Looking for an energy fix?


Want to safeguard your business against those pesky energy costs and environmental obligations?


Well, we're here to help! At Our Property Bear, we're on a mission to help hotels and hostels reduce their energy use and save the planet (no big deal).


We're not hiding from the challenge - if we don't reduce your energy use, it will be crystal clear.


If you're motivated by both money and morals, then you sound like our kind of client. Together, we can make great things happen.


Let's have a chat! We'll get to know your priorities, provide a budget outline, and get the ball rolling with a site visit to take the vitals of your building.


It's easier than you think!

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