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Our Sectors

We're here to help the Hospitality and Education industry become energy-efficient with our Energy Saving Monitors.


These sectors tend to use a lot of energy and don't always receive enough government aid. Every bit of savings counts and can make a big difference in their profits.

Are you a hotel or hostel owner looking for ways to save on your energy bill?


Let us help you! Our energy experts will show you where your energy is going, so you can focus on finding ways to save. You don't have to sacrifice guest comfort and experience. We'll help you create the perfect balance, tailored to your building's needs. Contact us today to start saving!


The habits of your kitchen and front of house staff can significantly impact your daily and nightly energy use? But don't worry - by educating your staff on the impact of their actions, everyone can work together towards a more sustainable solution.


It's a win-win for both your business and the environment!


Schools and universities face similar energy challenges as hotels and resorts.


Unused spaces that continue to consume energy even when no one's around. But imagine if staff and students came together to take charge of an energy-saving initiative? Together, we could make a real difference. Let's champion sustainability and save the planet one step at a time.

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