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Looking to save on your business energy bills?


Our Energy Monitors and Reports have got you covered!


Our easy-to-use data means your business can make informed decisions quickly,

helping you save time and money.


Say goodbye to high energy costs and hello to savings with our energy-saving solutions.

Unbearably Good Savings: Maximise Your  Energy Savings with Our Property Bear!

Our Property Bear monitors help Hotels and Hostels reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing guest comfort, experience or budget.

Get started today and see real results on your energy bills!


Restaurants and Bars are high energy consumers. The habits of both Kitchen and Front of House staff can largely impact daily and nightly energy consumption.


Demonstrating the impact of these actions can bring awareness and solutions. Join the effort today!


Schools and Universities, especially those with accommodation can face similar challenges to the

hospitality industry.


Unused spaces can needlessly consume energy. Engage and champion with staff and students.

Join our energy-saving initiative.

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Make your energy bills more bear-able!


Better Information

Stop throwing your money away! Our energy-saving monitors and software will help you pinpoint where you're overspending, where you're getting maximum efficiency, and where you're wasting precious funds. Start saving today!


Better Decisions

Say goodbye to waste and hello to savings! Armed with the latest intel, we'll hook you up with affordable solutions to cut out excess and streamline your operations. Let's take your business to the next level, minus the unnecessary expenses.


Lower Energy Bills

Make smarter decisions and watch your energy costs shrink! With daily reductions and annual savings worth tens-of-thousands of pounds, the benefits speak for themselves. Invest in your future with these cost-effective choices.

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Worried you don't know the most effective ways to save money?

Fed up with endlessly googling

how to reduce energy use?


We have the solution.

Our clients used to feel just like you, until they discovered

our simple monitoring system.

Now, you too can receive energy reports and alerts straight to your inbox, allowing you to identify what's using the most energy, where your sites are performing well, and what your top priorities should be.

"One major advantage is having full visualizations of all our sites. In the past, utilities have been a significant expense without much control. But now, being able to make tweaks is a complete game changer"

John Thomson

Operations Manager

Code Hostels

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Need a hand with your energy usage?

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